Brivo Labs


Bethesda, MD

6,500 SQFT


Project Gallery

Brivo Labs, the research start-up arm of an established security-oriented technology company, needed to expand into an adjacent space and build an open office environment that enhanced collaboration.

By developing modalities of office space within an open floor plan, we achieved this goal, doubling Brivo Labs’s existing functional space. The Ribbon, Home Plate and the Pod - each addresses collaboration in a distinct way.

The Ribbon. A platform for letting inspiration flow.

The Pod. The sleeve is reconfigurable in a variety of arrangements depending on need. The mobile posds create privacy and whiteboard space for work teaming sessions.

We sought to make Brivo’s irregular geometry an asset by performing for reconfigurable collaborative space and designating the distinctively-shaped homeplate area as an adaptable conference/studio space.

Multiple power sources and pull-down, garage-style equipment allow ad-hoc “offices” to be quickly established as needed, while an overhead uni-strut conduit provides ready lighting, power, and data access.

We doubled the existing space, allowing Brivo Labs to maximize current staff work potential while expanding the possibilities for growth long-term.

Resolving the challenge of the extant furniture, new fold-up tables and chairs are quickly and efficiently broken down and housed in thoughtfully designed storage spaces when not in use.

Homeplate is an auditorium/classroom or standing room ‘all-hands’ gathering space for larger meetings or events.

Full-height adjustable garage doors provide more space modality.

Homeplate adapts to create environments for meetings, conferences, lectures and filmed demonstrations with easily-moved furniture, sliding partitions system and re-positionable lighting grid.