Momentous Sports Medicine


Washington, DC

1,355 SQFT



2023 AIA NOVA Award of Merit in Commercial Interiors

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Momentous Sports Medicine is a physical therapy and sports performance practice – a program that blends elements of medical office, gym, and spa.

‘The Momentous Dynamic’ is routed in a comprehensive assessment of the patient’s functional movement from head to toe to detect dysfunctional movement patterns and determine what is necessary to optimize the body’s performance.

Inspired by this dynamic, the design evolved from a similarly rigorous diagrammatic analysis of the existing conditions highlighting flow, light and visibility as key issues that needing to be addressed and optimized. Our solution employs two primary elements – an articulated gold ceiling and a core of wood-paneled millwork – to organize the spatial response.

This former alley facing carriage house and open courtyard had since been roofed over though three skylights maintained the connection with the sky above.

The articulated ceiling plane organizes circulation drawing clients Inward, masks HVAC ductwork, integrates lighting and creates an elevated ceiling zone optimizing the existing skylights all while subtly imbuing the space with the Momentous’ brand signature gold. Private program spaces including staff office, shower, restroom and recovery room were compressed in the wood-panel wrapped volume placed to create separate reception and workout zones.

The workout space, outfitted with rubber and turf flooring, occupies the former courtyard.

Once obscured by the bustle of Blagden Alley’s bars, restaurants, and coffee shops, the entrance to this former garage now glows through the evening, its cut-metal sign band linking seamlessly the undulating gold ceiling within and proudly announcing the presence of Momentous Sports Medicine.

As with many alley properties, this is site without a ‘back’: so trash, equipment, and utility connections are at the front door. These are neatly stowed in a loggia behind tilted doors, enhancing the tunnel-effect of the stretched gold ceiling.