EL Studio invites you to the Alley Hop and more!

Announcing three upcoming events at our DC stuio to get you exploring the unique potential of DC’s alleys:

4/26, 6 PM – The Alley Hop!
Grab a friend and hop from spot to spot then come back to the studio and let us know your thoughts. Featuring EL-patented ‘low-res virtual reality’ technology to get you thinking about alleys with some fresh perspective.  Three locations are highlighted on this short self-guided tour: Marion St, the Yale Steam Alley and our own Naylor Court. Food and drinks shall be served!  See video link above for more information.

4/27, Noon – AIA DC Architecture Month Building of the Day Tour
Our Naylor Court Play House (and studio) is featured as AIA DC’s Building of the Day.  April is Architecture Month, an annual series of public programs offered by AIA DC to ‘shine a spotlight on Washington’s design culture for architecture enthusiasts of all ages.’ The theme of Architecture Month 2018 will be the 50th Anniversary of the myriad historical events that (re)shaped the city in 1968. See how this pocket of Shaw has and continues to evolve since those turbulent days. Continuing education credits available for design professionals.

4/28, 9:30 – Kid’s Tour: the Architecture of Shaw and Blagdon Alley
We’ll be teaming up with AIA DC once again but this one is for kids! This tour will introduce you to new territory- to see and learn about the architecture and history of the buildings in the network of alleys that wind through our Shaw neighborhood.