How do you personalize the generic?

Logan Circle Row Home

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This is a previously flipped row house, located in the heart of Dupont Circle owned by a family with two children.

The kitchen shifted to the street frontage, engaging an existing bay window as a window seat for family mealtimes.

They were looking to personalize their new home. This renovation focused on rethinking and optimizing the existing, contractor grade, elements of the house.

The living area shifted to be adjacent to the rear garden wall so that parents can keep an eye on children at play.

Program was relocated within the existing house footprint to create more livable area with greater connections to the outdoors.

Excess elements were stripped away – particularly on the staircase – to create a purer expression of space and circulation.

Existing skylights on the third floors remained with a new master suite sculpted around them

Pops of color and playful elements complete the personalization of a once generic home.