How can a retirement home earn its keep?

Jade House

Keep The Business Within Reach.

North Wildwood, NJ

3,320 SQFT



2016 AIA DC Washingtonian Residential Architecture Design Award


2015 AIA NY Interiors Residential Review


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Project Gallery

Building on the family business, an adjacent motel in Wildwood’s doo-wop district, the Jade residence does double-duty. It’s a vacation home that works hard as well as a retirement home that grows to make space for the next generation.

Site plan

Axonometric Diagram

Orientation to breeze/view

Ground floor plan. Rental units that reference the original motel environment provide foundation for family house upstairs.

Second floor plan. The kitchen provides a “command point,” from which a user can keep one eye on the family business and the other on the beach.

Third floor plan. Double-height cuts and light monitors bring airiness to all floors of the space.

Section. Passive energy strategies include geothermal heating and solar domestic hot water panels.

Ground-floor rental units replicating the original motel units are the foundation to the family residence on the upper floors.

Northeast elevation (facing the street)

Southeast elevation (facing the beach)

Southwest elevation

Northwest elevation (facing the pool)

A double-height living room in the residence connects the master and guest levels and features two large openings towards the breeze and view of the ocean and motel pool, respectively.

Handrail screen

Material details translate the doo-wop resort vocabulary to a contemporary context, diffusing from richly saturated color at the heart to increasing lightness at the periphery.

Light monitors above orient due south to provide constant diffuse light to the interior while maximizing solar gain on collectors outside.

Light monitors

Perforation at many heights

Inside the Jade ‘Box’

Increasingly bright and light at periphery