Illinois St

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The existing residence was a four-square colonial built in the 1980 that has a generous footprint but a complex and inconvenient program. Awkward additions with oddly placed openings did not improve the flow of the space

Axonometric Diagram - Original Space

Axonometric Diagram - Renovated Space

To connect the first and second floors together, the existing wood box stair was adapted.

Excess detailing was removed, and a wooden handrail was custom made to create an elegant ascend from public to private space

Programmatic functions were placed along the edges and a new, open space was created in the center. The center was fitted with a large open plan kitchen and dining space to create a comfortable gathering space for the family.

Skylights help accentuate the graceful sloping surfaces during the day and up lighting, run through the steel channel, illuminate the surfaces at night.

This customization of contractor grade details combined with a upgraded flow of space made this a perfect house for this family

Kids bathoom

First Floor Shower