Prather’s Alley Market Kiosks

Wash Holiday Kiosk
Kiosk Diagram

The project, developed with FRESHFARM, was tied up with a bow on Saturday when new market kiosks were deployed for the neighborhood’s Holiday Market. With carolers nearby, a food educator demonstrated how to make potato latkes utilizing the the triad of STORE, WASH, and COOK kiosks. A jewelry maker sold holiday gifts at the SELL kiosk next door.

Wash and Cook Holiday Kiosks
Sell Holiday Kiosk

The stalls unfold to add work surfaces and shading devices. The WASH kiosk has a kitchen sink with integrated water filtration pump and heater. The COOK kiosk has a power hookup for hot plate and a flip-up mirror for cooking demonstrations. The SELL kiosk has a pull-out storage bench and display screen. All stalls are powder-coated steel frame, birch plywood, and stainless steel surface.