Get hoppin’!

Sunday, October 6th:
Alley Hop 4.0 with the DC Preservation League
1:30 – 4:00 PM, Capitol Hill 

Join us for a fun and interactive self-guided tour of some of Capitol Hill’s most intriguing alleys!  Using temporary wayfinding graphics, EL Studio will curate a walkable path between three alleys selected for their unique physical conditions and their proximity.  Starting from ‘home base’ on F Street Terrace, SE, the tour will wind its way through Archibald Walk, Ellen Wilson Place and 3 ½ Place, SE.  This fun and immersive event will encourage participants to explore DC’s unique alley housing types and how they have evolved through the years.  Alley Hoppers will be equipped with maps and View-Master reels loaded with imagery highlighting specific moments in the alleys’ history overlaid with drawings and collages that demonstrate potential future architectural and infrastructural interventions. The visuals will provoke conversation, imagination and response and we want to hear your thoughts about what you see along the way.  Grab a set of our ‘low-res virtual reality goggles’ and get hopping!  Then come back to home base, enjoy refreshment and share your feedback.  We’ll be waiting!

Tours will depart approximately every 15 – 20 minutes and will take roughly 45 minutes to complete.

Meeting Place: 528 F Street Terrace, SE
Max participants: 60
Rain or Shine