LeDroit/Kelly Miller Alley Enhancement

Alley Community Center - Makerspace image

Alley Community Center Masterplan

Chicanes, speedbumps and a speed table work in tandem to reduce driving speeds. The introduction of curb-edged sidewalks makes safe zones for pedestrians and two-wheeled vehicles. A designated one-way east-west traffic pattern reduces the volume of cars. The length of straightaways is reduced, making it difficult for drivers to get to top speed. 

Alley Community Center - Event Pavilion image
Community Pavilion
Alley Community Center - Carport/Popup Market image
Carport/Popup Market

New small pavilions including a Carport/Pop-up Market at the west end, Party Pavilion at the center and Makerspace at the east end, create a series of activities.  Murals throughout the space add visual interest and an opportunity to tell the community’s stories. An existing retaining wall topped with spiked cast-iron fencing is transformed into a seat wall, fostering informal chats. 

The proposed alley enhancements are the result of a community-driven design process. At an on-site design workshop, the residents of LeDroit/Kelly Miller developed model alleys with programing that best fit their needs. Four models were set out with an assortment of fabrics, colored papers, strings and other craft materials. Residents used these materials to relay a story about how their neighborhood could function better. The EL Studio team took the models from the community engagement exercise and distilled the proposals into the final design. 

Door-to-door canvasing and online survey responses painted a picture of who currently lives around the alleyway, and how they feel about it. The responses also helped the EL Studio team make decisions about proposed interventions and new programs.