WAP: The Washington Alley Project

Project Gallery

Washington, DC hosts an extensive network of alleys unanticipated by the city’s planners. L’Enfant’s modulated grid, scaled to accommodate the monumental, has historically necessitated a subdivision to accommodate the quotidian needs of the city. Alleyways responded to the urban pressures of the 19th Century, only to be systematically neglected during the 20th Century, and have not since been optimized. The Washington Alley project examines DC’s informal alley network as a viable site for new modes of urban living, presenting the city with an opportunity to adapt to future and social and technological change without sacrificing the city’s unique architectural heritage.

Residents across the city responded to a brief survey designed to deepen understanding of residents' current and potential future usage of the alley.

Survey results were projected in 3D to help 'diagnose' the current alley condition.

City residents were invited to an Alley Hop! A self-guided walking tour that began & ended at our studio and envisioned ideas for utilizing the alleys.

Residents provided feedback about preferred ideas and other thoughts about the alley's utilization.