WAP and EL Studio on Tour!

WAP is a winner in World Architecture News’
2018 Urban Challenge! We’re packing our bags and taking this show on the road…


Upcoming presentations of the Washington Alley Project, coming soon to a city near you:

5/22 – WAN’s Urban Task Force Day, London, UK
WAP was selected from among 76 entries in this ‘initiative that seeks to address the reclamation of our city streets due to the predicted demise of the combustion engine and the rise of the autonomous vehicle (AV). This will represent one of the largest transformations of the urban environment since the motor car first arrived. WAN asked architects to submit their vision of cities where the streets are newly liberated, demonstrating the profession’s ability to lead the debate.’  EL travels to London next week to participate in a full day dedicated to working groups and presentations to help solve the problem of reclaiming the street. ‘Drawing from a range of countries, expertise and practices, WAN has assembled a Task Force of like-minded visionaries who can not only bring innovation and creativity but also practicality to the table to discuss and work towards a solution. Each working group will focus on the challenges presented through their respective viewpoint, culminating in a Manifesto for Change.’

Learn more about the ideas competition and Urban Task Force here:

6/21 – AIA Conference on Architecture, New York, NY
Join us bright and early for our 7 AM (!) session at the Javits Center during which we shall propose strategies for re-appropriating the underutilized alley network, targeting sites with untapped potential for densification.  Learn more and register for session TH110 here: http://conferenceonarchitecture.com/speakers/#author-406554 

9/17 through 9/19 – Walk, Bike, Places Conference, New Orleans, LA
We’ll be in the Big Easy in September, adding our alley vision to this creative place-making conference dedicated to the belief that greater access to walking and bicycling will create healthier individuals, cohesive neighborhoods, and vibrant communities.  Learn more about Walk, Bike, Places and register here:  https://www.walkbikeplaces.org/

9/20 – WAN ‘Reclaiming the Streets’ Symposium, London, UK
EL hops over the pond again to join the Task Force in presenting the Manifesto for Change to representatives of global cities and a wider body of interested parties at a Symposium.
Join the conversation:  http://www.wanurbanchallenge.com/page/symposium-thursday-20-september-2018-the-nla

10/02 – Design DC: Constructing an Equitable Future, Washington, DC
Then it’s back home. This year’s DesignDC conference theme is Constructing an Equitable Future. The conference will analyze the role of architects, interior designers, engineers, contractors, planners, landscape architects, and developers in creating working, playing, and living spaces open to all regardless of ability, income-level, or age. Conference details and registration here:  https://www.aiadc.com/designdc2018

We hope to connect with you at one or more of these events!

Watch our Alley SynHOPsis here: https://vimeo.com/270510784